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Get Rid Of Household Pests By Using These Natural Remedies

Get Rid Of Household Pests By Using These Natural Remedies

In Somalia pest infestation is a common problem for every household. There can hardly be a house on this planet whose residents could claim that they didn’t experience pest infestation at all. That’s virtually impossible because ants and cockroaches are a regular feature of every other household. It’s impossible to go on an insect-killing spree every time you see any insect in your house. However, it is quite possible to control pest infestation by using the below-mentioned simple and readily available natural ingredients.

a) Use Essential Oils To Control Pest Infestation

Essential oil, lavender, peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus, are readily available in the market and are commonly used in most households. Most people do not know that besides their great fragrance, they can also serve as insecticides. These oils can be used to control bed bugs and mites. Dilute these oils with a few drops of water and spray the diluted mix on the affected areas. The results will definitely surprise you.

b) Rub Salt On ‘Their’ Wounds

Salt is used in almost every meal, making it a permanent feature of every kitchen. Traditionally, it has been used to ward off fleas and ants. This practice has been shunned in modern times due to the availability of different pesticides. However, if you are among those who do not want to use pesticides inside their houses, then try using salt to control the ants and fleas’ population in your house. Sprinkle salt around those areas (windows, doors, rugs, etc.) where these pests usually hang around. It will deter them from messing around.

c) Make Use Of Vinegar’s Strong Odor

We all are well aware that vinegar is the best natural cleanser. But do you know that its strong smell repels pests like ants and flies? Yes! It is proven that vinegar’s smell blocks the ants’ sense of smell, deterring them from navigating through their comrade’s scent. In addition to this, it attracts flies, which helps in baiting and getting rid of them.

d) Use Lemon Juice To Repel Spiders
Lemon is very effective for dishwashing and is used in many dishwashing detergents. It also repels insects like spiders and snails. Spiders hate lemon juice and do not come near the objects sprayed with lemon juice. If you are worried about the presence of spiders in your house, then don’t worry at all. Take lemon juice in a spray bottle and dilute it with a small amount of water. Then, spray the solution to the infested areas.

e) Mint; An Effective Pest Repellent

Mint is an effective natural pest repellent that repels a variety of pests. For example, it repels ants, flies, and mosquitoes. To use mint as a pest repellent, all you have to do is keep its leaves around the areas of your house, like doors and windows, that allow pests to enter your premises. You can also plant mint at the entrance of your home to close your doors for pests forever.


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