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Potential Of Property Investment In Africa

Potential Of Property Investment In Africa

One of the foremost things that business owners and successful people do is to build their tangible assets. And one of the widely invested tangible assets is the property or house.

Management of tangible assets is far more burdensome as it may include both legal and nonlegal matters.

Africa is one of the most desirable places to start your tangible investment in; a few of the many reasons to gets your investment reinstated are as follows:

  1. Market Stability as it has less extremism, making your property safer and sound.
  2. Top Holiday Destination generates opportunities for tourism rental and buying.
  3. A strong economy, second in the whole continent, helps gain long-term gains on property investments.
  4. Tax breaks on property development are approx. 20 %.
  5. Favorable exchange rate making it a center of concentration for foreign investors.
  6. Housing shortages lead to governments’ high priority and lead to approx. 13.5 growth rate in West Cape.

 Many foreigners hire property management companies to look after their properties while they stayed in different countries. In this regard, Growthill property management beats the odds as it provides:

  1. Buyer advocacy
  2. Property valuations
  3. Property Sales
  4. Property Management

These all under one shelter. Constance Mupondi, one of the managing partners of Growthhill Property management, was a Zimbabwean holding a degree of Bsc in Town Planning from the University of Zimbabwe ventured with the Zimbabwe private and public property managing sectors functioning for property development, management, and valuation before she aced through the African market. In her interview with Herald Finance and business, she told them that she founded her firm CMM Property in 2016; she teamed with two individuals and built a new firm, Growthill Property management, in 2018. About Growth Property management, she stated the following facts:

  1. Growth Property Management is a growing business that creates a new age of property accession and management.
  2. They provide buyer advocacy for their foreign clients, rentals, student accommodation, furnished and unfurnished, and all sorts of projects desired by their clients.
  3. They are zealous in providing quality service to their client, personalized, strategic, and outcomes based on clients’ desired goals.
  4. Their job is to take care of everything from tenants, marketing, repairs, maintenance, accounting, and legal matters efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Therefore if you are looking forward to investing in SA and want to hire someone to look after your precious tangible assets, Growth Property management would be worth hiring. They currently operate in Johannesburg and Pretoria. They engage prospective clients through social media platforms.


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