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Control These Most Common Household Pests By Using These Tips

Control These Most Common Household Pests By Using These Tips

In Somalia the ecosystem is balanced by different species, including pests and rodents. However, these bugs and rodents sometimes enter the territory where they do not belong naturally; your houses. As a result, they are the carriers of many infectious diseases and severely damage your property. According to an estimate by National Pest Management Association (NSPA), these pests inflict a loss of around five billion dollars in damages annually.
Here, we shall discuss some of the most common household pests and provide tips to control their infestation.

a) Cockroaches
Cockroaches are the source of many diseases like salmonella, coliform, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and the hepatitis virus. They are a great agent of food contamination as well.
Bug sprays can control cockroaches’ infestation and be eliminated by taking strict measures. However, to eliminate them properly, you need to remove every source of water and food for these bugs. In addition to this, you can also lay traps for them to manage them more quickly and efficiently.

b) Mice
Do not underestimate mice by looking at their size. They can inflict some heavy damages to your property. Their modus operandi leaves their urine and excrement on household objects, causing them to decay. They also destroy books, pillows, and other soft objects by nibbling them.
To control the mice population, make sure you leave no food outside. Moreover, fill all the cracks and gaps of your house because mice can squeeze through the smallest gaps. Placing glue boards or traps to kill the mice is another helpful way to manage their population.

c) Rats
Rats are a real nuisance because they can transmit various deadly diseases like salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and typhus. They are difficult to locate inside the house because they hide in holes or drains. Rats thrive on food particles, woods, fabrics, and even electrical wiring.
There are many ways to control the rat population, but the best and most effective one is to lay traps for them. Set up the traps with poisoned food inside them to entice the rats. Also, try to cover every opening of your house with metal or wood sheets to restrict their entry.

d) Termites
Termites decay your furniture by laying inside the lumber. They are black or white. Their population grows exponentially because their queen termite can lay a thousand eggs in a single day. To protect your property from every type of termite, you need to keep all your wood items at least 12-inch above the ground. In addition to this, use the types of woods like cedar, or white oak, that are resistant to termites. Lastly, seek professional help for their complete extermination.

e) Ants

Keep your house clean to stop ants from invading your house. Make sure to clean your food spills and cover your fruits and vegetables. Plantation can also attract ants, therefore, do not grow plants inside your living area. Lastly, seal all holes in doorways to restrict their entry.


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