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Incredible! Online Fundraise Raises $32,000 for Somali’s Free Ambulance Services

Incredible! Online Fundraise Raises $32,000 for Somali’s Free Ambulance Services

The first and privately-owned ambulance service in Somalia, Aamin Ambulance, received a major financial boost from an online fundraiser. The Ambulance services operating in the capital of Somalia, received the total sum of $32,966 from online fund raising. The gofundme account was opened by a Somalia national, Abdi Addow, resident in Sweden.

Abdi Addow decided to open the gofundme page after the twin blasts on October 12, 2017, which rocked Mogadishu. Following contributions from well-wishers across the globe, one of the contributors, Nadifa Mohamed, was acknowledged as one of the key fundraisers.

Aamin Ambulance has always been present to offer emergency ambulance service to bomb blast victims. It has been offering first-aid bombing help to victims for more than a decade.



Two distinguished personalities, Abdi Addow and Nadifa Mohamed started the fund-raising for AaminAmbulance about two months ago. And now, funds totaling $32,966.42 have been raised.

Abdi Addow’s target was to raise the sum of 100,000 Swedish Krona (USD $12,286). The fund was meant to support Aamin Ambulance operating in Somalia as a private outfit. Surprisingly, after 16 hours of creating the page, he was able to raise 38,213 Swedish Krona which is USD$4,694 – the money was raised by 198 individuals.

According to Addow, the funds will help to improve communications, vehicles, medical supplies as well as human resources. It will enable Aamin Ambulance, the privately owned ambulance services in Somalia to give a faster emergency response. “Please support the heroes of Aamin Ambulances,” he wrote on the page.

Aamin Ambulances currently owns 10 ambulances, which at the time of writing this post is the largest in Somalia. They also have a team, comprising of volunteers who respond to emergencies to save lives. The fund will be used to acquire three more new ambulances. It will also be used to repair the existing fleet.

Aamin Ambulance is in partnership with UNOCHA, WHO, UNDP and the Somali Federal Government.  The twin bomb blasts which took place in October were described as the single deadliest attack on the African continent. According to a committee set up by the Somalia Government, Over 500 lives were lost following the attack.

According to the committee, the impact produced by the truck bomb was worsened as a result of the fact that it exploded close to a petrol tanker. This made the intensity to increase which led to the loss of many lives.


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