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President of Malawi, Mutharika, Kick-Starts Lilongwe’s Grand Business Park Construction

President of Malawi, Mutharika, Kick-Starts Lilongwe’s Grand Business Park Construction

Malawi’s first citizen, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, said the establishment of the Grand Business Park in Lilongwe, is a confirmation that the direct investment program established by the government will yield positive results, bring jobs and money into the country.

The statement was made during the ceremony to mark the construction of the multi-million dollar project – the Grand Business Park in area 46, Lilongwe – which will include construction of a five-star hotel.

The president said Malawi needs a bigger private sector and smaller government to create a stronger economy.

The president, Mutharika, also emphasized that “opening from one investment to the other will help the country to create a bigger private sector.”More private sectors will lead to more wealth and jobs for the nation.

The president was happy about the project and said he would love to have a Malawi where every graduate will be able to create jobs and also be gainfully employed – A Malawi where graduates will create jobs and employ others. This he said will be possible through skills development for the youths, offering loans for investment, providing equipment and capital to create a larger private sector through direct investments.

The president also said, “Our programs are producing results as you can see – our Doing Business Index is rising, which means the world has come to terms that Malawi has what it takes to accommodate new businesses and private investors more than before.

During his remark, the president urged departments responsible for handling investment issues to continue to encourage the spirit of investment and also seek the best ways to fast-track investment projects. He urged them not to cut corners in the discharge of their duties.

Shi Ting Wang, the Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, said even though the country has an agricultural economy with service area experiencing low productivity, the Grand Business Park will lead to economic development.

Shi Ting said, “The government had for long been making efforts to create an enabling environment, which is why he is using this opportunity to encourage Chinese companies to take advantage of the great business opportunity in the country.”

The Executive Chairman of Grand Holding Corporation Limited, a Chinese company established in Lilongwe, thanked the government for establishing such a favorable economic environment. He also promised to be highly efficient in the business park construction. The business park will contain high-class office buildings, shopping complex, and a five-star hotel. The project will cost the government a total of MK73 billion.


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